brand design, driving growth.

Our branding services aim to identify and develop the ideal tone for your brand to effectively communicate and engage with its target audience. Through our unique market positioning audit, we create compelling visuals that bring your brand to life and give it a strong, clear voice. For established brands, we act as trusted custodians, dedicated to building customer and consumer trust, enhancing market awareness, and fostering future growth. Our targeted creative approach positions your brand as the clear choice.

We specialise in brand identity design and development, positioning, and logo creation, all focused on your business's success. Our branding team delivers distinctive creative solutions to a diverse range of clients, from small non-profits and local businesses to some of Australia's and the world's largest multinationals.


Carlton Dry

Carlton Dry was an ailing beer brand in 2007, on the chopping block for deletion. Eye Candy was tasked with the re-boot of the brand. We delivered targeted creative solutions that not only arrested decline, but upon deployment of new collateral, delivered exponential growth.
Also coining the pivotal and highly engaging sales line "The Taps are Running Dry".
In the years that followed, Carlton Dry launched several line extensions and rose to fourth largest beer brand in Australia by volume behind VB, XXXX and Carlton Draught.


Prestige Living

In crafting Prestige Living's branding and identity, we meticulously executed a comprehensive strategy, blending market analysis with creative vision. Understanding the need for a balance between prestige and approachability, we tailored branding, positioning, and marketing collateral to resonate with discerning clientele. Our website design, a seamless extension of this ethos, embodies sophistication while inviting engagement and imagination.
For this small-home builder, we enticed their clientele to "Live a little" and build a villa with Prestige Living.


Coles Local

Delivering the winning pitch, Eye Candy collaborated closely with all key stakeholders, including the Coles special projects team, architects, heads of various food categories, salesforce and consumers. This comprehensive endeavour entailed a strategic approach to crafting brand guidelines, ticketing and POS templates, interior decor, and colour palettes that seamlessly aligned with the overarching brand identity, including the authentic representation of "home grown" and revised brand values.

The process involved Eye Candy developing supporting materials and messaging to create a cohesive brand experience. This enabled the highly successful launch of Coles Local's pilot store in Surry Hills, Victoria, before rolling out across Australia. Every element was designed to resonate with customers and create a new connection to the local community and overall customer experience.


Elite Crossings

Elite Crossings, a Tier 2 construction start-up, needed a brand that conveyed reliability and professionalism to appeal to councils and developers. We created a dynamic visual identity inspired by their architectural projects, ensuring it communicated trustworthiness and approachability.

Additionally, we designed and developed a user-friendly website to showcase their portfolio and expertise. This cohesive branding and digital presence significantly enhanced Elite Crossings' market appeal and commercial success, establishing them as a credible partner for large-scale projects. Our strategic approach included comprehensive research, concept development, design refinement, and consistent implementation across all touch-points, resulting in a robust and professional brand that positioned Elite Crossings for future growth and success.

Logo design and brand identity development

Advanced Locker

Logo design and brand identity for Advanced Locker – an Australian designed and built smart-locker system that needed a trustworthy and approachable brand and positioning to represent it's true advantages.
The brandmark and supporting collateral required an approach that spoke of the technology behind its advanced systems and security, without looking too 'techy'.


All Systems Scaffolding

Logo design and end-to-end branding services delivered for a total redevelopment of an established scaffolding firm in Victoria servicing T1 and T2 construction sector. Eye Candy delivered branding & positioning, corporate stationery, marketing material and website development.
The end result was an image that became the new standard in the scaffolding sector, enabling All Systems to lean on the revitalised branding to win work in a more confident manner.
The All Systems rebrand gave their customers a compelling motion to procure their services from first impression alone.


Concourse Bar

Branding development and logo design for a licensed restaurant, including signage for a new venue in Beaumaris, Victoria. Services provided to this new establishment were all print material, digital collateral, venue website design, venue signage, internal wall graphics, stationery and event packs, menu design, food styling & photography.
The venue quickly became a local favourite!


Guzzle Bomb

Grab a cup, load it up, Boom! Coles Express Guzzle Bomb was launched to combat the 7 Eleven Slurpee sales, but with a twist. Eye Candy won the project tender based on our concept showing flavour so huge that your mouth would go completely out of control to get at it!
Graffiti style street art with bold colour that hits different, much like the addition of soft serve and candied popcorn topping the frozen Coke. Make it your way - Big Yum!
Eye Candy delivered branding structure, naming, illustration, vending design application, menus and more. Best buds with your taste buds!


JPT Homes

Residential house builder logo design and branding in the Bayside suburbs. Luxury home builder JPT Homes needed branding that would reflect the exquisite level of detail and high quality finish, while having an approachable and trustworthy persona.
The full suite of services for this builder included branding, marketing collateral and website development.


Reliable Plumbing

Giving a small business a big brand feel with a memorable logo design.  
We were engaged by Reliable Plumbing Services when they were a 1 panel van business. A small family business with a trusted foundation, but needing to grow.
After a full rebrand, company stationery, fleet signage, development of print and digital materials - this small plumbing business grew into some big boots.
The business now employs numerous plumbers and specialists, winning business in hospitals, universities, colleges and government buildings - backed by Eye Candy's award winning branding.


Opal Realty

Real Estate logo and branding design for a passionate team of property agents in Perth Western Australia. The agency wanted a different approach to their brand - one that removed the rigid corporate tone and delivered an approachable friendly and memorable impact. Eye Candy delivered naming, brand guides, signage and advertising templates, vehicle signage and company stationery.